Find Out When a Busted Site is Back Up

This post was going to be about newly improved Windows Live SkyDrive, the Microsoft-powered online-storage service that now offers a whopping 25GB of free space. However, SkyDrive has been down for a couple hours, no doubt slammed with traffic, so I'm tabling the post for now.

In the meantime, I don't want to keep checking the site every hour or so to see if it's back up. Instead, I'm letting Ding It's Up! check for me. This clever service, which I honestly didn't think much of when I first heard about it, notifies you via e-mail, Twitter, or text message when a "down" site comes back up.

Just choose the kind of notification you want, enter your appropriate contact info, and click kthnx (as in "okay, thanks"). The service promises to never message or e-mail you unless it's about a requested site.

Works for me. Now I can get back to work and rest easy knowing I'll be notified when SkyDrive is back in business (at which point I've got some cool stuff to share, so stay tuned).

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