Next Metal Gear is Coming to "Universal Power Symbol"?

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Rumor has it Metal Gear Solid 4 is soon to grace the Xbox 360 and reward the platform faithful. The rumor itself is nothing new, but the picture above, just unveiled by Konami at this website, has speculators salivating. Since the colors are electric green on black, and since the symbol to the right looks an awful lot like the symbol in the middle of the power button on the face of the 360, it's not hard to see why.

On the other hand, it's actually just the universal power symbol, also known as IEC 5009 (which refers to "power" but alternatively to "standby" or both "power/standby") as well as IEEE 1621, where it refers explicitly to the "power control user interface." It's also on Apple laptops, Windows-based laptops, desktops, various other electronic devices, and if you look at the touch button on your PS3 -- yep, it's there too. That it's green may have some significance...or it may be a red herring. Hard to say.

Some are speculating the lower case 'i' is for iPod, and that the exclamation point has to do with the logo for Metal Gear Acid.

What else do we know? Not much. We know the word "Solid" isn't in the teaser, so that lends credibility to the Metal Gear Acid theory. There's also Metal Gear Online to think about, and possibly Metal Gear Mobile. Perhaps a Metal Gear for the iPhone?

On the other hand, the URL for the teaser ( contains the letters 'mgst'. "Metal Gear Solid Tactics" for [insert your theory of choice here] anyone?

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