Five Firefox Shortcuts You Need to Learn Right Now

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As you may recall from a couple of my earlier posts, Three Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Learn Right Now and Toggle Between Two Firefox Tabs with FLST, I'm a big fan of keyboard shortcuts. As a touch-typist, I don't enjoy having to reach for the mouse every time I need to do something. Hence this list of five Firefox shortcuts I use all day, every day:

  • Alt-Left Arrow: Sends you back to the previous page you were viewing. Alt-Right Arrow, of course, takes you forward one page.
  • Ctrl-F: Brings up the Find tool, which works dynamically (i.e. as you type). Then I press F3 to jump to the next instance of my search item.
  • Ctrl-T: Opens a new tab. Note that you can start typing a URL immediately upon doing so, as the cursor automatically appears in the Awesome Bar.
  • Ctrl-Tab: Switches you to the next open tab. Ctrl-Shift-Tab takes you back a tab.
  • No 'www' prefix: Are you still typing 'www' at the beginning of every Web address? Guess what: The browser doesn't need it. So the "shortcut" here is to just leave it off. Type and see for yourself.

Okay, your turn: What Firefox shortcuts do you use most? Hit the Comments and share your favorites.

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