Give Irritating Alerts a Timeout with UAC Snooze

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UAC Snooze offers a simple way get around Windows Vista's biggest annoyance: User Account Control. With it, you'll be able to stop UAC from popping up its immensely annoying prompts for a specific amount of time, and then having UAC prompts appear when you want them (and they can be good to have). It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors to suit your OS.

UAC Snooze sits in the system tray. When you want UAC off, right-click the icon, and choose for how long you want it to snooze. You can tell UAC to "snooze" in this way for one, five, 10, 30 or 60 minutes--or else for a time that you specify.

Why would you want to temporarily tell UAC to snooze? If you know that you're going to spend some time customizing your system, you'd like to have it turned off until you need it again. You can, of course, do that manually, but using UAC Snooze does it automatically for you. Why turn it back on? Despite being annoying, UAC does protect you against unwanted changes being made to your system, including malware making those changes. So UAC Snooze lets you keep that protection when you want it, but turns it off for you when you want to make system changes yourself.

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