Mash Media on Your iPhone with ZiiBii

ZiiBii is a mashup of many different social networking sites in one creative and animated iPhone application. It combines YouTube videos in the categories of your choice, Flickr photos from the feeds you select, Facebook friend status, and any RSS feeds you want into either an ordered list, or a "river", which moves these objects from left to right in an animated style, and you must click on one of them before it disappears.

ZiiBii also purports to work with microblogging site Twitter to include Twitter messages and allow you to share cool items through Twitter. However, the current version doesn't seem to interface with Twitter correctly. Multiple attempts across multiple days to register my Twitter account on ZiiBii ended in failure,.

Despite this broken feature, ZiiBii is a neat way to waste time across multiple social networking elements. Other ways it could improve: making YouTube videos keyword-specific (rather than lumped in broad categories), adding a search feature for Flickr (rather than random images from specific users), and including support for more social sites (such as Vimeo, MySpace, and Hulu).

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