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Just when you thought the iPod accessory market had seen it all, a company called David Steele Enterprises announced the iBreath- a fully functioning FM Transmitter add-on that doubles as a digital alcohol breathalyzer. That’s right, folks- this little gizmo not only transmits your music wirelessly to your car stereo, it also tells you whether or not you’re “cool to drive.”

It might seem like a strange combination of products, but jokes aside, the iBreath actually makes some odd sense. Around the holidays, it is common to enjoy a few drinks with family and friends. Knowing your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) before you drive could potentially prevent an arrest or accident. FM transmitters, such as Griffin iTrip or Monster iCarPlay, are already extremely popular iPod car accessories. Stick on a digital BAC monitor and you’ve got yourself a device that finds itself at home in your car, and can always make itself useful.

The iBreath works with iPod and iPhone (compatibility with iPod nano or older model iPods is a bit unclear). It does not require batteries as it draws power from your Apple iDevice of choice. But for those times when you don’t have your iPod or iPhone handy, it comes with a 12V car plug to use the breathalyzer à la carte. It also comes with an instruction manual and a USB cable, for a reason I’m not entirely sure of. It would be cool, however, if you could store FM station favorites or track BAC readings on your PC.

The iBreath has a slightly limited range, measuring BAC from 0.000 – 0.100%, but for its intended purpose that should be plenty (the legal limit to drive is 0.08% in most states). The iBreath is also a tad on the expensive side, retailing at $79. Compare that to the iTrip ($49 or lower) and a keychain breathalyzer (which you can find for under $15) and you might be paying a premium for novelty.

You can find the iBreath at

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