Mac Lovers Have Their Say

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There are really just three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the fact that if you ever write anything remotely negative about Apple and/or Steve Jobs -- no matter how richly deserved -- you will catch hell from the fanboys.

With that, let me introduce N. E., who found my last post about Apple giving the bums rush to the Macworld Expo not to his liking.

"Just look at your attempts to figure out why Apple would stop going to MacWorld. They are all "anti-Apple" and provocative in nature. None of them even try to look at the world from a business viewpoint.

-- Is Steve too sick to go on?

-- Does this mean Apple has no more earth-moving gizmos to show us?

-- Is Apple hurt by the lousy dreadful scary economy even more than it appears?

-- And what about the children? For god's sake, will somebody please think of the children?"

Is Cringley writing these types of articles cause:

He just does not have any talent?

He is greedy and a hit whore?

He has sold his soul to Microsoft for $15,000?"

Actually, I was talking about what all the other blogs and news stories are saying about Apple giving the finger to Macworld. That was too subtle for N. E., I guess.

"Hit whore" Actually, I'm more of a hit slut. I don't get paid more when my posts are popular, I just like the way it feels.

Finally, N. E. apparently thinks I can be bought for $15K. I suppose it's theoretically possible. But for Microsoft the price is $10,000,000 in small unmarked bills.

Meanwhile, the anti-fanboy backlash is growing. Computerworld blogger Preston Gralla hopes that Steve Jobs quietly slipping away from Macworld means the end of Fanboydom. He writes:

"The news that Steve Jobs won't give the keynote at Macworld '09, and that Apple won't participate in future Macworlds, may spell good news for the civility of the Internet -- perhaps it will finally mean the end of the aggressively rude Apple fanboys who prowl the Internet, looking for virtual fights."

Good luck with that one, Preston.

It's not just me and Gralla. Walt Mossberg, David Pogue, Farhad Manjoo, and hundreds (if not thousands) of other tech journos have felt the stinging lash of the wet noodle that is fanboy revenge.

But hey, free speech is a wonderful thing. So if you love your favorite brand more than life itself, say it loud and say it proud. Just don't expect the rest of us to listen to you.

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