Macworld Expo Keynote: Live Update

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10:28 PT - DM: The third new thing has to do with iPhone. Now the iTunes Music Store is no longer iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store; you can now download and buy on 3G network as well. Same price and same selection on the iPhone as on iTunes. Same quality too. You can preview and purchase and you can buy anytime, anywhere on 3G. This starts today.

10:30 PT - DM: We're ending on music. Ending our last Macworld keynote with an artist who's a legend in the industry. 15 Grammy awards, 2 Emmy Awards, Kennedy Center Honoree.

10:31 PT - DM: Annnnnnd it's Hannah Montana!

10:31 PT - DM: Just kidding, it's Tony Bennett.

10:32 PT - JS: "The Best Is Yet to Come," Tony Bennett sings. Message from Apple received.

10:32 PT - DM: I'm like twenty feet from Tony Bennett. That's crazy. The man has still got it. Great voice.

10:35 PT - JS: "I Left My Heart In San Francisco." You get extra points if you identified it from the preamble, which begins with "The loveliness of Paris..."

10:37 PT - DM: And Tony Bennett is retreating on the sliding stage, waving goodbye. Phil says "thank you very much" and it appears that that's our show. Phil is thanking family, people at Apple, etc.

10:37 PT - DM: It's a wrap. No new Mac mini, no Steve Jobs cameo. But we had Tony Bennett. So, you know, tradeoffs.

10:38 PT - JS: And that's the keynote! Thanks to Dan for an excellent job with the play by play. On with the show.

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