Top 10 Biggest Bogus Tech Rumors of 2008

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5. The $100 Midget PC Hoax

The concept of a small netbook or a large UMPC called a "Midget PC" sounded plausible. After all, netbooks became white hot in 2008. Perhaps it's only natural that a company would introduce a stripped-down model for around $100.

So when the rumors grew louder about a tiny Midget PC netbook, I thought it was interesting. But maybe I should have been more critical. One telltale sign that it was bogus was its name: What company would give a product such a horrible label? Turns out, no company would.

This rumor proved to be a big hoax. A few days later ArsTechnica revealed that the Midget PC was a fake. The story was the creation of a hoaxster at a citizen-journalism site, Arkansas IndyMedia. The article used two-year-old quotes from an unrelated New York Times article and included many other fabrications to make it appear legit.

4. I Want My Mac Netbook, Now!

The Mac-netbook rumor is not a rumor anymore--it has morphed into a Mac-enthusiast campaign to get Apple to build and release a mini-notebook. The device, according to proponents, should be a cross between the iPhone and the MacBook Air.

Apple netbook?
With netbooks selling like crazy this year, the idea of an Apple mini-notebook with either a multitouch display or a smaller shape seemed inevitable. Analysts say that, due to the weak economy, netbooks might just be the right market for Apple to penetrate.

Regardless of whether you ask Apple nicely or you write an essay about it, this remains only a rumor for a mythical product. Steve Jobs has denied any forthcoming Apple mini-notebook, end of story. (Or is it?)

I hope Apple has a surprise for Mac-netbook fans at Macworld in January. But if Apple does deliver on the Mac netbook, I'm quite sure that it won't come as cheap as we would like it to.

3. The Trials and Tribulations of Yahoo

Have you heard the latest Yahoo rumor? You probably have, because the only way to avoid Yahoo rumors is by living under a rock.

One big fat Yahoo rumor in February claimed that Microsoft would gobble up Yahoo for a whopping $46 billion. That never materialized. Yahoo's lame-duck CEO, Jerry Yang, reportedly refused Microsoft's offer and sought an advertising deal with Microsoft rival Google. That didn't work out too well, either.

More speculation followed the MicroHoo rumor. One included AOL's possible merging with Yahoo. But the Microsoft-to-buy-Yahoo rumor just wouldn't quit. Apparently even Jerry Yang has his fingers crossed that this rumor comes true. Reportedly he's singing "Baby, come back" to his Microsoft counterpart, Steve Ballmer.

Ballmer doesn't appear to be coming back (at least not as of this writing). Meanwhile, Yahoo is planning another 1500 layoffs.

Can anyone please buy Yahoo and get it over with?

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