Add a Photocopier to Your Office--Without the Bulk

About 20 years ago, I worked in a computer store in New York City. The copier broke down. Using the demo models, we used a scanner and a laser printer to do the job. Total hardware cost at the time, about $12,000.00. I joked we'd invented the world's most expensive photocopier. Today, thanks to a free program called Photocopier, you can do the same thing on the cheap.

Photocopier is one of those 'so obvious in retrospect' programs. You plonk paper on your scanner, you hit the 'copy' button on the photocopier program, and it automagically scans your document and sends it to your printer! No scan, save, open, print hassle--point and click all the way.

You have the basic options--number of copies, brightness--but nothing else, and that's, as Martha says, a good thing. This is a simple quick-n-dirty utility, not a massive image manipulation suite.

Free. Easy. Useful. Why haven't you downloaded it yet?

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