Back up Games (and More) With Blindwrite

If you're not a gamer, you probably shouldn't bother with Blindwrite. This program will copy virtually any data CD or DVD, but its real purpose is to back up gaming discs. Under older copyright law, you have a right to one backup of any piece of software. However, the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) says the breaking copy protection is illegal. You can decide on the ramifications of this yourself; however, Blindwrite seems to work pretty well.

Blindwrite has a clean, straightforward tabbed interface that puts all the options: Copy, Read (read to an image file on your hard drive), and Write (write an image to disc) at your fingertips. I had only a few older games with which to test the program, but as I stated above, it worked fine. If you're interested in whether it will copy any particular title, visit the VSO Blindwrite support forum and you will undoubtedly find some pertinent feedback. Keep in mind that some drives have a hard time with some titles while others won't--these are hardware/firmware issues that Blindwrite can do nothing about.

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