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They say time is the most precious gift we have, ‘cause they ain't making any more of it. But that will change this New Year's Eve when the world's official timekeepers give us an extra second to make up for the Earth's slowing rotation. The leap second will bring the world's two time measurement systems-Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and solar time-into more precise alignment. Without the adjustment all things tech, from the time your computer keeps to your GPS system, would suffer. So, that got us thinking: What can you do with an extra second to set yourself up for 2009?

10. Spend some extra time on hold for tech support

9. Wait in line to exchange your infected digital photo frame

8. Flag "obscene" breast feeding photographs on Facebook (well what did you expect? The company is run by college dropouts.)

7. Pre-order a 3G watch phone

6. Find a Windows 7 Bit Torrent

5. See if your cell phone carrier will let the extra second roll over into 2009

4. Search for the elusive $99 iPhone (Hint: it's not at Wal-Mart.)

3. Apply for a job with the new administration at

2. Tweet: "Is it 2009 yet?"

1. Apply for a job at an investment bank at (just kidding!)

1. Catch up on all the great posts you missed at Today@PCWorld (yeah, that's right. I ended the list with a commercial.)

So that's my eleven top ten things to do with your extra second. What's on your list?

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