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IPNetInfo is a small and focused network tool that can be a big help if you want to get information about an IP address, the string of numbers that computers use to locate each other on the Internet. Give this free tool an address you see in a URL, e-mail header or other location, and it will quickly return available registration information for it.

That information may include a business or person's name, address, contact info and other data, depending on what IPNetInfo was able to glean from the registration servers it checks.

Since one common use might be to find out more info on who's sending you spam, IPNetInfo includes a nifty feature that makes it easy to get information about a message sender's IP address. If you view the full header for a message (an option available in most mail programs), you can cut and paste that data into the IP address search field in IPNetInfo. The utility will then sift through the header, pull out the sender's IP address, and retrieve registration data without your having to know how to pick apart the header for the relevant information.

If you ever find yourself wanting more info on an IP address, IPNetInfo is a fine, free tool.

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