New 3G Palm Pre Enters Smart Phone War

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Seamless Synching

One of the most important components of Web OS is what Palm calls "synergy--synching information from various sources into one seamless application. For example, Palm's e-mail application has an All Inboxes folder--a single place to check all of your e-mail accounts.

If you start typing an e-mail contact, Web OS searches across all of your e-mail accounts--both personal and work. If the Pre can't find the contact, it searches your corporate exchange database and automatically enters it into your contacts list.

Another cool feature in Web OS is the Buddylist application. All of the contacts from your various instant messaging accounts, like AIM, Gchat or ICQ, appear in a single list. And if your buddy suddenly goes offline during a conversation, you can send her a text message to continue the same conversation without interruption.

You can also use the slide-out QWERTY keyboard to easily find information on your device--and on the Web. Start typing something and the OS automatically searches through your contacts and applications to find what you need. If it doesn't find any matches on the device, it will search the Web.

The Palm Web OS has a unique notifications application that allows you to work without interruption. If you get an IM or e-mail, a small alert pops up at the bottom of your screen. You can choose whether you want to read the message right away or save it for later. You can even pull up a small dashboard that lists all of your notifications.

In addition to the OS, Palm announced the Touchstone--a stylish wireless charger that uses inductive technology. You simply drop the Pre on the magnetic Touchstone and it stays in place to charge.

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