Shake, Rattle and Make E-Music

Imagine a couple of dueling Wii controllers that squawk and beep rhythmically as you and a buddy wave them at each other, and you have an idea of what you can do with ZooZBeat software on an iPhone, iPod Touch or Nokia N95/N82/N93i.

The creators at ZooZ Mobile describe ZooZBeat as a "gesture-based mobile music studio," and in their demos they did indeed control tonality and volume by varying the intensity and direction of a waving or shaking motion.

But if you want more fine-tuned control, an on-screen editor (shown in the screenshot) lets you use your fingertip to make changes.

ZooZBeat is available in either a "Lite" version (99 cents for the Apple folks, free for the Nokias) or a full version ($2.99 all platforms) with support for voice recording, the ability to play with others, and more beat and instrument options.

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