Microsoft Uses Mac In PC-Only App Advertisement

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Busted! In an apparent gaff that undermines Microsoft's multi-million dollar "I'm a PC" campaign an ad for a PC-only software program Songsmith, made by Microsoft, features a MacBook Pro.

Microsoft launched the Windows-only Songsmith program earlier this month. The software allows you to generate musical accompaniments to match your voice. In a Web-only ad for the new software people composing music are using a MacBook Pro. Take a look at the commercial yourself and you can see from the laptop's aluminum body and ports on the left side of the laptop that it's a MacBook Pro. Covering the Apple logo on the lid is a floral sticker.

Take a look at these MacBook Pro ports and compare them to the laptop featured in the Microsoft ad.

The actual ad is four minutes and 17 seconds and is relatively painful to watch (you'll agree with me once you watch it). In it various characters sing with their laptop running Microsoft's Songsmith software. In one shot that takes place in a kitchen a father complains about his new marketing project - glow in the dark towels. And then, his daughter miraculously starts to sing using Songsmith on her Apple laptop.(see video below)

Admittedly, Windows could be installed on Apple laptops, but this being a Microsoft advertisement, shouldn't the family be using a Dell or HP laptop? If Microsoft did, there wouldn't be any need to cover up the Apple logo with floral (hippie style) stickers. And let's not forget that Microsoft had other blunders like this on its website before.

Songsmith actually seems like nifty software for American Idol fans and alike. If you want to give it spin, a free trial of Songsmith can be downloaded here. And if you're ready for four minutes of lame singing, scroll down for the full advert.

UPDATE: It is speculated that Microsoft marketers have intentionally used a Mac in this advert, in order to create some viral coverage of the Songsmith software, say ‘trusted sources' from MacDailyNews. Microsoft did not confirm whether it is true or not, but as mentioned earlier, this is not the first time the company uses Apple hardware in its advertisements or in public appearances.

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