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An anonymous reader wants to know how to handle all the tips and recommended downloads he reads about in PC World. Should he file tips away for future reference? Download and install every program we recommend?

Note: I altered this tip slightly a few hours after it was posted.

If a tip seems like it may one day be useful, you might want to bookmark the Web page for future reference (any article you read in the print version of PC World should also be on the web site). But when the time comes to use it, check the date on it, first. Computer advice can go out-of-date after a year or two, especially if there has been a major operating system upgrade.

And you most certainly should not download and install every program I, or any other PC World author, recommends. The more programs you have installed in Windows, the more likely that you'll have problems.

If I tell you about some wonderful piece of freeware and it seems like just what you need, download it and install it. But if it doesn't fit your current needs, don't get it simply because I recommended it for someone else's problem. By the time you need it, there will probably be a better version or a better competitor.

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