DTV Delay: A Good Idea

On Monday, the Senate voted to delay the switch to digital TV signals; now, instead of the switch taking place on February 17, it has been pushed back to June 12. The main reason for the delay is because not all households are prepared for the switch.

$40 coupons had been offered to households that needed a digital converter box, but funding for those coupons has dried up and needs to be reallocated. It would be foolhardy for the government to mandate a vast change, like the switch to digital TV signals, without providing a solution to ensure everyone is prepared for the change.

Some people have argued that this delay will just further confuse consumers, but I think people were fairly confused about the DTV switch in the first place. If anything, the delay will give people more time to learn about what it is happening--and why.

Now that the Senate has approved the delay, it falls on the House of Representatives for approval. The House is expected to vote on the bill next week, and I expect their decision to be the same as the Senate's on Monday.

Refer to PC World's FAQ about the Digital TV transition to learn more about how the impending changeover will affect you.

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