Launch Apps in a Flash with Windows-Key Shortcut

So help me, I'll always be a fan of Windows' Quick Launch toolbar. Yesterday I showed you how to do endow it with a handy Windows Explorer icon, and before that you learned how to switch to big, Windows 7-style icons.

Today, one last Quick Launch tip--one that's sure to appeal to keyboard-shortcut nuts like me. Once you've enabled the Quick Launch toolbar, a single click of any icon is all to takes to launch that program. But did you know that each icon is automatically assigned a number and corresponding Windows-key shortcut?

For example, the first icon in the toolbar (the one closest to the Start button) is linked to '1.' So by pressing Windows-1, you can launch that program right from your keyboard. Pressing Windows-2 is like clicking the second icon, and so on.

This tip works for icons 1-9. If you already have Quick Launch enabled, give it a try? If not, see either of the aforementioned tips to find out how to do so. Meanwhile, don't miss one of my favorite posts: Three Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Learn Right Now.

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