In Pictures: Australian Company Launches 'Smart' Watch Phones

Australian company NV Phones has unveiled a range of smartphones that can be worn as watches.

10 New Smart Watches

Australian company NV Phones has unveiled a range of smartphones that can be worn as watches. The company is launching 10 smart watches and six smart-phones. Pictured: NV Phones CEO Anthony Cook.

Dual SIM Card Coming

Cook expects to launch a dual-sim card version of the product within the next few weeks. Most of the watches are quad-band phones with 3G capabilities, but some are only tri-band.

Talk Like Dick Tracy

Although users can talk directly into their phone (Dick Tracy-style) or via a speaker, most will probably opt for using the more conventional Bluetooth headphones.

Stylus Eases Touchscreen Use

The touch screens are small and can be difficult to use, but a stylus is included to make selections. Each device comes with two batteries. The cheapest model, called the Motch and costing $399, has an estimated standard talk time of 2.5 hours. The most expensive model, known as the Sapphire and costing $999, is expected to last 3 hours.

Keypad Simplifies Dialing

This model is designed with a keypad in the wristband to make dialing easier.

Streamlined Models in the Pipeline

Although a range of styles and designs are currently available, most are large. The company promises that less chunky models will soon be available. According to Cook, the second generation will be entirely Australian-designed.

Multimedia Capabilities

Music and movies can be played, with some models offering 800x600 LCDs and up to 4GB of storage via a microSD/TransFlash slot. Apart from using Bluetooth to connect to wireless headphones, owners can use the watches' speakers or connect headphones via a mini-USB port.

One-Year Warranty

All the watches are made in China and will come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturer faults. NV Phones is selling the products directly through its Web site.

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