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I am the sum total of my 25 years in leading edge technology sales and marketing. For the last 15 years, I have run Quest Solution, an Enterprise Mobility Technology and Solution company that has been awarded Inc. 500 Status (and 5000) for fast growth. I started in PC reselling in the days of Commodore Computers, moving to selling Point of Sale Systems for Liquor stores and Ski shops. Along the way, we have gotten better at identifying leading edge vs bleeding edge technology. Mobile computing came along with barcodes and wireless communications. We acted as the first distributor of Aironet which then became Ciscos Wi-FI solutions. A venture-backed, Pen-based computing company in the days of the Apple Newton/Grid Systems pen systems was a great education with Geoffry Moore (Crossing the Chasm Author) directing our marketing efforts. Handwriting recognition, voice recognition, voice response all started decades ago with systems that were big and bulky, it took time, but now they are small, fast and affordable. One technology that we invested in and lost was RFID as it was mandated by the government and the major retailers. Overall we have been lucky often and bloody less often.

In my current job at Quest, we write and resell software solutions that run on rugged mobile computers that are often wirelessly enabled with carrier modems or Wi-Fi radios. Often we use barcodes, RFID, voice, and mobile computing technologies to create world-class solutions for our supply chain customers. We consult, service, install and resell. We collaborate with customers and others in this great industry to delivery best in class solutions to Fortune 2000 companies and SMB companies smart enough to emulate the bigger competitors in their industries. We are extremely creative, nimble and adaptable to change. It is my belief that companies who automate now to reduce costs, eliminate errors and improve processes will dust their competitors.

I passionately love our industry, the time that we are in and the opportunity that is before us as businesses. There has never yet been so many exciting and enabling technologies to help companies reduce costs and make more money.

In my upcoming posts, I will strive to educate, as it is what I do each and every day as the leader of a sales and marketing company. I care about best practices and am continually learning from the examples of industry leading companies. The supply Chain of Manufacturing, Retailing, Distribution, Logistics/Transportation, and Health Care are the sectors that I draw upon for my view of reality. Computing to me is mobile and often wireless. I am not engineering or truly technical in nature. I am creatively optimistic and forever positive. You should see application centered writing with computing being important, but not as important as the problem being solved with the use of mobile computing as an enabler.

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