The 10 Most Viral Super Bowl Ads

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The Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

5. Pepsi: Parodying a Parody

Pepsi sure didn't fizzle this Super Bowl. For its second consecutive spot on our list of the most viral ads, Pepsi teamed up with actors from Saturday Night Live to create a spoof of a spoof. In "PepSuber," MacGyver knockoff MacGruber (aka SNL's Will Forte) changes his name in honor of the cola. I must admit, I thought the MacGruber spots lost their charm after about the second one, but the Pepsi version proved that it was the choice of a new generation with a cool 1.9 million views.

4. Denny's: Not-So-Happy Pancakes

Planning whackings and munching on pancakes with whipped cream seemingly don't mix in Denny's Grand Slam 2009 Super Bowl commercial. Mobsters find themselves distracted by their smiling breakfasts, and then--bada bing!--in comes Denny's with an offer for a free "serious" meal. It turned out to be an offer viewers couldn't refuse: More than 2 million people streamed the spot.

3. Bud Light: Little Bunny Conan

Combine Conan O'Brien, a tight red construction vest, and a pair of bunny ears, and you have a foolproof formula for success. Bud Light somehow brought all of those elements together in a single Super Bowl ad, and now it's reaping the rewards. Conan's commercial comes in at number three with 2.1 million views. If only the FedEx Pope were still around to share in the success...

2. Doritos: Crunchy Crystal

Surprisingly, Doritos' "Power of the Crunch" commercial--you know, the one where a guy eats a chip and a woman's clothes magically fly off--didn't become an Internet sensation. The crystal ball adventure, though, did take off, totaling 2.6 million views worldwide. Think the marketers saw that one coming?

1. Come On, Get a New Job

Let's face it: Most people hate their jobs. It may be no surprise, then, that CareerBuilder's crappy-career-shunning commercial makes the top of the list of the most viral Super Bowl ads. Nearly 3 million people searched for and watched the spot online. Bet the team who put it together won't be out of work anytime soon.

That’s it--the 10 most viral Super Bowl ads, according to online views. Of course, PETA’s banned “Veggie Love” commercial probably outdid them all. I assume if you watched the spot, it was purely for health-related reasons.

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