Organize Pics With Photozig Albums Express

The free Photozig Albums Express offers an excellent way to organize, view, manage, and edit your photo, by creating photo albums out of them. Once you have them organized, you can play a slideshow of each album, upload an album to a Web site, and send an album via e-mail. You'll also be able to use the program to send the photos via e-mail, copy photos to a CD, copy them to a memory card or create a screensaver from them.

Photozig Albums Express also includes some very solid photo-editing tools for cropping, fixing red eye, and changing the brightness and contrast. There's also a one-click Quick Fix feature that will automatically clean up photos for you.

Creating an album is quite easy. Just point the program at a folder, and it automatically imports all photos. If you have a lot of photos on your PC, though, when you install the program, don't tell it to automatically search for and import your photos, because that could take a substantial amount of time. Unless you want to wait a while, or if you have a need to import them all at once, you'll be better off manually pointing it at folders.

This free version of Photozig Albums is a stripped-down version of for-pay software that includes both Deluxe and Premium editions. This free Express version has some limitations, such as only allowing you to copy 100 photos to a CD and only being able to e-mail 12 photos at a time. If that's problematic, you can always pay for the upgraded versions. But if you can live with the minor limitations, you'll find this Photozig Albums Express a great bet.

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