Five Reasons Why the Nintendo DSi Rocks

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4. Design!

Pictures don't do the DSi justice. While it's not the marked improvement of the DS Lite over the original bulky model, the DSi is sleek, the buttons have been moved around for better layout and ergonomics, and best of all, the portable has a matte finish that would make the PSP green with envy. Inside the system, the UI has been made over to look more like the Wii. You can drag and drop games and tools like you would on the Wii or iPhone. It's a definite improvement.

5. Storage!

With an SD storage slot, the DS's biggest weakness has been remedied. You can store music, movies and games, and, hopefully, can download firmware updates so that the DSi can keep up with the times. With all the improvements the DSi offers over the original, you might be tempted to, too.

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