Adobe Acrobat, Reader Vulnerability Affects Mac

Nothing wakes you up faster than a security vulnerability for a major piece of software. Adobe announced on Thursday that they'd found a wee bug in Acrobat and Reader versions 7 through 9. Just a tiny little critical buffer overflow hole that could let a malicious attacker take control of your computer.

Your first response might be to panic at the disco, but take a deep breath. Yes, the vulnerability affects all platforms, and yes, there are reported exploits in the wild, but don't worry, Adobe will put out a patch for version 9 by, oh, March 11th, with patches for version 8 and version 7 to follow. Hey, that's only a mere nineteen days from now.

On second thought, maybe panicking's not such a bad idea. Or at least switching your default PDF handler to something that's not quite so Swiss cheesy for the time being. Luckily, OS X folks have a pretty good replacement in Preview--enough to tide them over until Adobe finishes taking its sweet time to get a patch out the door.

[via TUAW]

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