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Travel planning has to start somewhere. The best place I've found to start is on a newish site called Tripeedo. It's a search engine for airplane tickets that launched in August.

Before your eyes glaze over, let me tell you why it's a refreshing and powerful site to use.

According to the site's blog, the company launched a few new features today that I found really powerful and cool.

First and foremost, it's not your average meta travel site. It now lets you search all the major meta travel sites, plus all the major airlines in a single search. Just click everything you want to search or, if you're lazy like me, click "all."

Rather than giving you a page full of results, it actually opens a new tab for every hit, which happens to be the actual page. For example, the American Airlines page actually opens, rather than a Tripeedo link to that site. Although this is, in my opinion, the preferable way to do this, it doesn't always give you instant gratification. For example, the pages you land on may ask for more information, or give you an error message if it doesn't like your criteria. Still, it's much faster than any other method that I'm aware of.

The thing I like best about it is that as you type in your search criteria, the site automatically plugs in the full statement below. So you see what it understands before it goes fetching airfares. You don't need to know airport codes (for example, "LAX" or "JFK"). If you type in the city, it automatically fills in the full name of the city plus the relevant airport code. If you type in the code, it does the same thing. You'll have to try it to see why this is so gratifying.

The site also added a bunch more airfare providers, which is great to finding the lowest possible fares.

In addition to great search, the site saves searches, and offers desktop gadgets, web widgets and support for iGoogle, which is Google's launch page site.

If you're a traveling cheapskate, you have to check out Tripeedo. In addition to being extraordinarily powerful, it's the only airfare site I'm aware of that's actually fun to use.

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