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First off, let me say I'm honored to represent technology entrepreneurs on this blog and humbled to write and share alongside such distinguished peers. Like many entrepreneurs, I've had no formal business training, and so the experience I share through my writing here will be from personal successes and failures, not something I heard or read.

My co-authors know that Entrepreneur's Organization is about sharing experience rather than giving advice, and I hope that I can share from my entrepreneurial journeys some valuable content that will either allow you to improve your own business practices or somehow enhance your own service or product offering to your prospective customers.

For the last 5 years, I've been building Entrance Software, a software consulting firm that serves mid-sized businesses looking to buy or build software. We are a Microsoft Gold- Certified partner with competencies in custom development solutions" and SOA and business process automation. While I've stepped away from the actual coding and project management, I still function as a senior technical mentor to my employees. I have a "buck stops here" relationship for my customers, and I function as a visionary-in-training for my company.

I've had a passion for software since I was a boy. My earliest programming experiences were editing a Basica program called Castle.Bas, an ANSI adventure game. I wanted to get past a particular screen where walking through a hallway would cause a trap door to flood the room and end the game. I somehow figured out that editing the constants at the beginning of the .Bas file could reduce the difficulty.

My first "real" software job was in 1995 writing in FoxPro 2.6 for DOS at a company in my East Texas home town where I worked until moving to Houston in 1997. After graduating from Rice University in 2001 with a degree in Computer Science, I entered the job market during the Enron-9/11-DotComBomb era. I worked for a couple "start ups" which eventually ran out of money and folded. My last job before starting Entrance was contracting for an oil and gas company, which later became Entrance Software's first client.

I suppose I'm offering this background to establish my passion for software, which has become my business. Entrance is really about bringing the value of good software often found in product companies to the service world. In this blog I look forward to sharing lessons learned from my experience and hopefully bring some value to your business.

Nathaniel Richards is the Founder and CEO of Entrance Software, a business that employs professional software experts who build and integrate custom software for clients in various industries. Nate was recently recognized as a "Top Professional on the Fast Track" by HTexas Magazine.

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