Content Creators Should Take Note of (and With) FileHamster Plus+ Developers Bundle

FileHamster Plus+ Developers Bundle is full-featured versioning software which is easy to use and fairly transparent, making it useful for the lone content developer. This $50 program has a lot in common with its freeware cousin, FileHamster, but your dollars give you many advanced features, with even more available via inexpensive plug-ins. This version is most useful for people managing a lot of different files: programmers, Web content developers, or graphic designers.

FileHamster Plus+ allows you a good deal of flexibility. You can put filters on watchtrees or subtrees--for example, even if you're tracking all the files in a development directory, you can set it to display only the source code files. It also allows the launching of files with non-standard programs (such as opening a .csv file with a text editor instead of Excel, or picking which graphics program will open a .jpg).

FileHamster Plus+ has no trial or limited version--that is the job of the free FileHamster. If you like the basic FileHamster but need more flexibility and control, it may be worth upgrading to FileHamster Plus. Be aware that much of the added functionality comes via plugins which are themselves not free, though they aren't expensive--most ranging from under a dollar to about 15 dollars, with the priciest coming in at 30 dollars at the time of this review. A few of these plug-ins include a reporting tool (which can filter a long list of revisions down to a manageable few), a diff tool (for comparing the actual contents of files), and more.

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