Fine-Tune Printing From IE With Lexmark Toolbar

Lexmark Toolbar gives you a bit more power over your printer, at least when you're surfing the Web. This moderately useful Internet Explorer toolbar is helpful for those who want to take more control of their printing Web pages. Despite its name, it will work with any kind of printer, not just those made by Lexmark.

When you're on a Web page you want to print, you can use the toolbar in a number of different ways. You can use it to tell your printer to only print in black and white instead of in color, for example, and you can also choose to print only text on a page. In addition, you can also schedule print jobs--for example, regularly print a specific Web page at a specific time and day of the week. And you can print only certain portions of a Web page as well.

Will this toolbar dramatically change the way you print from the Web? Not likely. But if you want a little more control over printing Web pages, it's worth a try.

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