Take Me Out to Ubuntu

When I was a kid, sometimes on a hot summer day my grandfather -- I called him "pops" -- would jump up and ask, "Hey kid. You want to go out to Ubuntu?" When he asked me that, my eyes would light up. There's nothing more I loved than spending time with pops and Ubuntu. As we walked over to his creaky Pentium III, we both broke out in that classic American song, "Take Me Out to Ubuntu." (QuickTime version -- Ogg version)

As the computer booted, he would put his arm around me. I looked up into his eyes. Could it get any better than this? Just me. And pops. And Ubuntu.

Phil Shapiro

The author is an adjunct professor of education and a technology commentator in the Washington DC-area. He can be reached at philshapiroblogger@gmail.com

The above video was created using Screenflow, on a Macintosh running VMWare Fusion and Ubuntu Linux.

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