Mac Fans Fume about Updated Desktops

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Apple Tuesday relaunched its desktop range of Macs, with upgraded specs but little else. After waiting months for these updates, it appears that the Steve Job-less Apple has scored its first own goal, with previously fervent fans blasting the company for its lack of vision and price increases.

On the Macworld website the anti-Apple comments flew thick and fast, with some so angry that they say they're switching to PCs.

PC World's Nick Mediati dissects today's announcements in "Six Things You Should Know About Apple's New Desktops."

Here's a selection of the initial reader comments from Macworld UK:

David: "After having waited 8 months for an iMac update I am officially pissed off. Old Core2 Duo's for just under a ,1000, what planet are they on?!?!? Custom AMD Phenom II for me, should compliment my MacBook nicely."

James: "Wow. All that time and the Mac Mini is still exactly the same form factor, complete with white plastic. Oh Apple, you spoil us."

Tom: "499 for a Mac mini is laughable!"

Drew: "Entry level iMac up 150!! Is the Apple management completely certifiable???? I think that should put a dent in their (formerly growing) market share."

Chris: "Good god! I've only just checked the prices for the Mini and iMac. What a joke, what an absolute joke. I was all set to upgrade my parents Mac too. Think it's time to start looking around for a PC."

Jamie: "Rehashed and price hikes - saw that coming. Apple are officially cr@p!"

Ron: "I'm all for bumping up the spec but not the least not by an extra 150 - 200 quid. Especially not in the current climate. Are they trying to drive potential customers away?"

Nick: "Certainly seems like they've taken the opportunity to bump up the prices: 1900 for a base level Mac Pro, whereas you could previously get a CPU and graphics upgraded Pro for 1800. Shame on you, Apple." "Somebody in the UK Apple Marketing dept needs a slap on the wrist. Correct me if I'm wrong but the new slogan is - '24" iMac - now starts at 1199' - wasn't it cheaper than that before (1149 for a 2.8GHz model?) I know they upgraded the bus speed etc but shared graphics memory in a 24" iMac seems a bit...poo, no?"

VJ: "No wonder they are losing so much ground in the desktop market!!"

Tom: "Apple's new pricing works as a new, never before seen marketing strategy - they advertise a Mac mini at 499 and we end up buying a Macbook instead. I bet the new Mac mini doesn't really exist. It's there just to piss us off and buy something else."

Steve: "Make no mistake. This really is the beginning of the end for Apple. These prices really are back to the bad old days and people simply will not pay the premium. I for one am, for the first time in 15 years going to buy a PC instead of a Mac."

Over at the US Macworld site, the readers were also confused but not as incensed, probably due to the new prices being less inflated than in the UK:

Biallystock: "Still the wrong product at the wrong price. Crippled, costly, confused marketing. The story of the Mac mini."

JS2008: "Many people are like me, we cannot buy iMacs if there are gloss screens. Apple, you did hear us when we cried out for matte screens, and you said - stuff you. I am furious, as you probably can tell."

Nightshrill: "What I'm baffled at is Apple's choice in graphic processors, why would someone decide to throw in an integrated graphic chipset into the iMacs?"

MorrisTheCat: "I'm happy Apple is attracting switchers and new customers, but it seems its all gotten to Apple's collective head, and they've forgotten where they came from and who has supported them through all those dark uncertain years. Apple's new found success has prompted them to snub all their loyal customers by refusing to give us easily upgradable, affordable Macs, and going with tech like glossy screens with no matte option.

"I increasingly don't understand Apple's direction anymore. It seems they are heading down a different path than many of its long time customers would like them to. They have a right to do what they want, but its very sad to see. Its like having your best friend from childhood change into someone you'd rather not hang out with any more."

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