Spill Real Blood for Resident Evil 5

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In Resident Evil 5 you spill blood like Gallagher's giganto-mallets spill watermelon seeds. You're out to save the world, but in fact all you're saving up are unexpended calories. Thousands of slavering zombie-things stand between you and the game's end, but when you're finished, all you're left to crow about are some abstract numbers attached to an inconsequential digital placard.

How about doing something significant on the side...something, say, in the bloodletting spirit?

Okay, it's a PR stunt for sure, but it's for a good cause: Resident Evil 5 publisher Capcom writes to say they've partnered with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive on Friday March 13th at the World of Wonder Gallery in Los Angeles.

Donate blood at the gallery on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, California from 11 am — 5 pm and (aside from performing an invaluable service, worth doing any day of the week pro bono) you'll have a shot at exclusive limited-edition Resident Evil 5 Blood Drive collectibles, winning copies of the game, or nabbing one of several exclusive red Xbox 360 Resident Evil limited edition consoles up for raffle.

Says Capcom:

Kiosks showcasing the game will also be on-hand for fans to get a sneak peek at the eagerly anticipated new game before heading to retailers to buy their own copy. Generous fans who donate blood will receive exclusive Resident Evil 5 limited edition items created specifically for this event, including a series of hand-numbered stylized posters, bumper stickers, buttons and a chance to win a copy of the game or an exclusive red Xbox 360 Resident Evil limited edition console.

There's a bit more info at Capcom's official blog.

Don't live in L.A.? You'll have to skip the RE5 tchotchkes, but you can always find a blood drive near you.

Matt Peckham plans to give blood, though he couldn't tell you what his type is (it's definitely red). You can follow him at twitter.com/game_on.

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