A Better PDF Reader

No reader question this time. Just my own recommendation.

We all get .pdf files, so we think of Adobe Reader as a necessary program. And thus we put up with its bloat, slow loading, constant updates, and security problems.

But we don't have to. The free version of Foxit Reader can do everything that most people ever need to do with a .pdf file. And it's small and fast. If you're used to Adobe Reader's pokiness, launching and searching in Foxit can take your breath away.

I don't have any concrete evidence that it's more secure, but consider this: Malicious .pdf files intended to infect your computer do so using flaws within Adobe Reader. I'm not saying that Foxit is flaw-free, but it's unlikely to have the same flaws as its better-known competitor.

My thanks to all the folks at the Answer Line forum who pointed me to this program.

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