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Step into the virtual courtroom with the Objection! game series. The first video game to ever become professionally certified. Increase your aptitude and speed in identifying objectionable questions. Fun for everyone from professionals looking to sharpen their skills, law students or anyone interested in law. There is usually less then a second from the time a prosecutor asks the question to when the witness answers. So speed and accuracy counts toward your score. Many states also offer professionals CLE credits where home study of continuing education is available.

In Objection! You deal with a murder trial. With your virtual consciousness at ease you know your client is innocent and have the opportunity to defend the prosecutor's line of questioning by using one of the 12 objectionable categories. The game is not based on memorization, but on learning to identify and understand the proper responses. Many questions are also legitimate and you specify that the question is proper in order to maintain your silence. After every question you can press x or z to get a legal explanation as to the ruling of your objection. They also keep a chalkboard reminder of important tips to remember. As seen below some questions are also worth partial or full credit because a variety of objections may be suitable for the situation. Rulings are regularly updated and it has correct rulings for all 50 states, dc and federal court. You also get the opportunity to cross examine the witness in level 2.

Objection! Screen Shot

I had a chance to interview a representative from TransMedia the company that makes the Objection! series. The game was originally created for the average consumer, but it quickly became designed for the professional lawyer. Many lawyers have expressed an increased response time and success of sharpening their skills with the game. In fact a Florida judge even ordered some lawyers to buy the game because they were so inadequate at questioning. TransMedia has also generously donated their software to high schools as a supplement to mock trials. Some high schools have even expressed that the knowledge and skills learned from Objection! was the deciding factor for a win that sent them to the state final competition. They also admitted that the graphics weren't something they spend a lot of time on focusing more on the legal aspects of the game, but have something spectacular in the works involving live people. It should be exciting to see what they come out with next.

In the Objection! game series you can also review expert testimony, slip and fall and auto negligence. TransMedia also offers SivPro designed primarily for law students, and also serves as a refresher for practitioners. Hours can be spent on this wonderfully academic game. You can download the game at their website. Objection! a game you don't play to win, but win by playing.

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