T-Mobile G1 for Under $100 at Amazon

Undecided about Android? Well, right now might be the time to take the plunge. The first handset to run Google's Android operating system, the T-Mobile G1 is available for $98 from Amazon USA -- $80 less than its debut price. Ranked fifth on PC World's Top 10 Cell Phones chart, the G1 has a highly responsive touch screen and a clean, customizable interface.

To get this special deal, you must sign up for a new two-year contract so T-Mobile customers unfortunately don't qualify. But on the upside, T-Mobile may drop the price of the G1 as well. For the last few weeks, the Black, Bronze and White G1s have been listed as "extremely limited supply" on the T-Mobile Web site.

With the announcement of the HTC Magic at the Mobile World Congress (which will most likely be branded as the T-Mobile G2), it isn't suprising that Amazon and T-Mobile would want to make some room on their shelves. In fact, HTC Magic availability has already been announced for April in the UK.

If you're like me and enjoy the combination of a physical keyboard and touch screen, you might want to snatch up the G1 while you can -- the HTC Magic is fully touch screen.

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