Need Free? We Have 101 Choices for You

101 Great Free Sites and Downloads You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

In these tough times, the notion of free becomes more attractive than ever.

We've sifted through the Web to find and test 101 of the best free downloads and services out there. We concentrated on utilities and other helpers that can rev up your smartphone's performance, streamline your social networking experience, and tame your PC while bending Windows to your will.

Our also list targets great productivity pumpers, security boosters, PC enhancers, and browser builders. But this list isn't all deadly serious: We also pinpointed the best no-cost ways to find and manage video, and to do much more with your digital photos and music.

We also have a list of the 101 items in this package, and we selected a Best Bet in each of our 11 categories. So take a look at the guide to the right--it's all free!

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