iPhone Gets Cut and Paste, MMS, and More

Apple rolled out some new features for the iPhone at a special event being held at the company's Cupertino, Calif. campus on Tuesday. Among the new features are cut and paste support, MMS messaging, as well as a subscription model for the App Store.

Cut and paste has long been a requested iPhone feature. It will be rolled out in the iPhone 3.0 software, and Apple says the cut, copy, and paste feature will be available across all applications.

Likewise, iPhone users have been clamoring for MMS support, and that's coming, too. iPhone 3.0 will let you send and receive photos, contacts, audio files, and locations using the existing messaging application.

Scott Forstall, Apple's senior vice president of iPhone Software, said many developers would like to see a subscription model in the App Store. This would give magazine companies a way to increase sales, while filling a demand from customers.

Subscriptions isn't the only new model coming to the App Store. With the release of the new App Store, developers will be able to sell products from within the app itself. That means that game developers can sell additional levels for their games and eBook developers can have a virtual bookstore inside their app for consumers to purchase books.

Apple said the business model for in-app purchases will be the same for developers as the current model: Apple gets 30 percent of the revenue, while developers take home 70 percent.

Gamers will be very happy about another API included in the new version of iPhone software: Peer-to-Peer connectivity. Using this features, people can play games with friends over a local network. The technology uses Bonjour over Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi. While gaming is the obvious example to use for this type of technology, Apple said it would work for any Peer-to-Peer application.

The new features will be available when Apple releases iPhone Software 3.0.

We'll have more details as they become available.

This story, "iPhone Gets Cut and Paste, MMS, and More" was originally published by Macworld.

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