iPhone Software 3.0

Top 5 Favorite Happenings at Apple's iPhone 3.0 Media Event (not Copy/Paste)

There’s bound to be a tidal wave of news regarding Apple’s iPhone 3.0 media event that went down earlier today. You’re going to hear a lot about Cut/Copy/Paste, MMS, in-app purchasing, bla, bla, bla. Here’s the dirt on what really mattered at the Apple event.

5) Leaf Trombone FTW

From the makers of Ocarina comes Leaf Trombone, a multiplayer music app that apparently let’s you perform showtunes with your buddies over WiFi using a virtual leaf trombone. Finally.

4) Funny names

Oracle’s spokesperson, Hody Crouch, talked about the exciting new… wait, your name is “Hody Crouch”? What kind of name is that, seriously? Dang…

P.S. Sources say Greg Joswiak is the evil robotic son of two Steves.

3) Shake to Undo

Ok, fine, so this is loosely related to Copy/Paste. Apple included a “shake to Undo” feature largely reminiscent of some other mobile device. Hopefully the next iPhone hardware will scrap multi-touch input in favor of the infinitely more accurate “two white dials.”

2) Global searching

Quickgol… er, I mean Spotlight is a genuinely nice addition to 3.0 that was totally overlooked by the rumor mill. Pwnd!

1) Regarding Tethering

“Uhh.. we’re working on it…”

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