Pretty, Pricey, and Pimp-tastic: Blinged-out BlackBerrys

For the CrackBerry addict who has it all: These 10 BlackBerry smartphones and related accessories will break the bank—some cost tens of thousands of dollars! But if only the best will do, check out these swanky handhelds and accessories, from diamond-studded cases to custom BlackBerry purses in python.

BlackBerry Diamond Pearl Collection by Alexander Amosu

Amosu Luxury Ltd. produces some of the most lavish, jewel-encrusted and precious-metal mobile phones on the market. This British company makes the BlackBerry Diamond Pearl to order. When you tire of last year's sparkles, you can upgrade to another handset in the future and Amosu will "recycle" and reuse your diamonds in your phone's replacement. Technologically, the Amosu Pearl is identical to any other BlackBerry 81xx, and pricing starts at 12,000 pounds (roughly $17,200) plus delivery. FYI: Amosu only accepts bank transfers as payment.

CaseMate Diamond and Gold BlackBerry Curve Case

If Liz Taylor breezed into Cartier and demanded a BlackBerry case, it might look like this. Initially unveiled as part of a promotion at CES 2009, Case-Mate's entirely hand-made Diamond BlackBerry Curve Case boasts 42 individual diamonds (3.5 carats, VVS1 clarity and H color) set in 18K white gold. The case itself is made of "Carbon Fiber" leather, previously available only in luxury sports cars and other equally lavish items. This case sells for a cool $20,000. But shipping's free.

Goldstriker Platinum & Nightfire Pearl, Leather Edition

Goldstriker, a U.K.-based company that makes high-end gifts and gadgets, has Goldstriker released some impressive BlackBerry smartphones in the past. Though is not currently focusing on custom BlackBerry devices—and has moved on to making iPhones and Nokia devices—its earlier efforts deserve mention. Unveiled for Valentine's Day 2008, the company's Platinum & Nightfire BlackBerry Pearl will stun even the most jaded shoppers. Made in conjunction with German designer Sascha Hildebrandt, the 800-pound ($1,600) device features luxurious red leather with platinum highlights.

Pink Diamond BlackBerry Bold by Alexander Amosu

Another precious creation from Alexander Amosu, the Pink Diamond BlackBerry Bold could certainly be a (rich) businesswoman's best friend. In addition to all the cutting-edge functionality packed within the Bold handset—which is unlocked and can be used on a variety of wireless networks—the device sports 86 "brilliantly cut" diamonds on its face, 242 on its back and a total carat count of 3.95 on the bezel alone. And if pink isn't your color, there's an all-black version (link to slide number seven ). In fact, you can pick any color under the sun for the battery cover. Pricing starts at 4,000 pounds (approximately $5,700) plus delivery.

Colorware for BlackBerry

Colorware, one of the simplest ways to customize your BlackBerry smartphone, looks affordable in comparison to other options in this slideshow. The service lets you preview color combinations online before purchase. Then you may either send in your existing BlackBerry device with instructions for personalization or buy a new one directly from the company. (Bold users can even buy parts separately.) Best of all: Colorware's available for a variety of BlackBerry devices. Prices vary depending on device model and customization method, but mail-in services typically cost around $130, while brand new, unlocked devices go for about $700.

Custom BlackBerry Bold Case from Vaya

Vaya's ivolution Silver leather case for the BlackBerry Bold defines customization. You can not only pick its color, but also add a belt clip to transform it into a holster. Or, choose from two different matching leather straps to carry your precious 'Berry tote-style. The company will even personalize the case with text or a graphic of your choice. Each individual product takes 20 days to make; prices range from $200 to $260.

Black Diamond BlackBerry Bold by Alexander Amosu

Nearly identical to the Pink Diamond BlackBerry Bold, the Black Diamond Bold by Amosu Ltd. has a larger number of diamonds on its face—126 to be exact—slightly fewer on its back side, with 144 stones, placed in a different design. The Bold's bezel wears 3.44 carats. And this uber smartphone is also significantly more expensive than its pink sister, at 6,000 pounds (about $8,600), not including shipping.

Pimp My Pearl for BlackBerry Pearl 8100, 8110

Unlike the other options features in this slideshow, the Pimp My Pearl application for BlackBerry does not require you be a millionaire or own a small country. The app, which lets Pearl 8100 and 8110 owners change the color of their devices' trackballs using pre-set color combinations, costs just $4.99. But it's "exclusive" in that it only fully functions on two Pearl devices—other BlackBerrys don't have the components required to modify trackball colors.

"Iced-Out" BlackBerry Cases from Icy Couture

Okay, Icy Couture's cases aren't "iced-out" in the Jay-Z sense of the term, like Amosu's creations, but they're a heck of a lot cheaper. The company sells many different cases for BlackBerrys and other handhelds. You pick your design from a plethora of existing options, which Icy Couture makes entirely out of Swarovski crystals. And the company will repair loose or missing crystals at any time for free. The cases pictured, "Boston Celtics" and "Little Geisha," sell for $280 and $260 respectively.

Luxury BlackBerry Purses from Violet May London

London-based designer Violet May's custom BlackBerry purses come in a variety of styles and colors, all featuring eye-grabbing materials, such as snake-print and gold-python-leather. With a special pocket for your BlackBerry, as well as space for coins, notes and credit cards, Violet May's Sting Ray Pearl purse may be the only handbag the modern, BlackBerry-addicted woman will ever need. Pricing starts at $331.50 plus shipping. (As seen in Vogue.)

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