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Sync Files on Multiple PCs, and 13 Other Free Ways to Get Down to Business

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Need Free? We Have 101 Choices for You

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Savvy Scheduling Assistants

You need to be where? And you need to be there when? These four free services can keep you--and your business--on track.

We've chosen calendar sync programs, free conference calling, billable-hours tracking, and all-around planning programs to help you glide through the workday with ease.

BEST BET Google Calendar Sync: If you use both Google Calendar and Outlook's calendar, and you can't figure out where you need to be when, use this download to synchronize the two calendars and straighten out your schedule.

Make all your conference calls at no cost with the handy FreeConference service.
FreeConference: Set up and make conference calls for free with this service (registration required). Do you do consulting, project work, or other kinds of jobs where you need to monitor your time and costs? This simple-to-use site (registration required) tracks billable hours and creates reports and timesheets.

Zoho Planner: Keep track of appointments and to-do lists, and generally get your life in order, with this service (registration required).

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