Can I Use These Extra Discs?

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A member of the Answer Line forum asked if she can take the CDs and DVDs that came with a new computer and use them on another PC.

The discs that come with PCs are licensed for use only on those particular computers. Technically, some of these programs might install successfully onto another PC, but they could cause trouble down the road. Others won't install, period.

But either way, using these discs on a computer other than the one they came with is illegal. You're stealing from the companies that own the copyright on the software.

I might add that if the computers belong to your employer, so do the discs. Taking them without permission would be stealing from your boss, as well.

It's important for the PC's owner to retain the discs and know where they are. Should you need to reinstall Windows, chances are that one or more of those discs will be required. And when you sell or give away the aging PC, the discs should travel with it.

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