Google Goes Gaming with New Themes

Google is playing along with the gamer crowd and has unleashed a series of eye-popping video game themes for its iGoogle homepage. Check out the gallery of all 24 themes currently available, pick one, and enjoy the pixilated pleasures provided. Or, if you love 'em all and can't make up your mind, use the game of the day option and automatically change your backdrop every 24 hours.

Like Google's Artist Themes, the header of the page changes as the day progresses, giving you two or three different banners to enjoy. The video game theme evolves this by providing a picturesque background as well, contrasting all the apps and widgets you've added.

The themes, meant to reflect your nerdier interests, include popular titles such as Zelda, Tomb Raider, World of Warcraft, Scrabble, Super Mario Bros. and many more. Google even has a theme for Mass Effect 2, the highly anticipated sequel to 2008's popular but panned original.

iGoogle has undergone a series of changes since launch, some of which haven't been popular. But who's gonna argue with a Street Fighter?

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