Digital Astrology: What Type of Tech User Are You?

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With all the various forms of smartphones and laptops entering our lives, it sometimes seems like the Internet is becoming a part of us: The connection is always on, and information is always just a click away. It turns out, though, the majority of Americans don't feel that mobile electronics are tethering them to the digital world -- in fact, most adults see the devices as being distant and unimportant parts of their lives.

A new report by the Pew Research Center attempts to categorize people into 10 different types of tech users. You could call it a kind of astrology for the digital age: a set of memorably named designations that tell you your preferences and personality when it comes to the electronic world. (Sorry -- no "heavenly bodies" involved in this pseudo-science.)

Grab your charts, then, and see if you can figure out your modern-day "sign." Here are your options:

Digital Collaborators

Digital Collaborators are described as users of mobile gadgets for collaborating and sharing creativity. The Internet is a key part of this process, and these people always have access to it at their sides in some form. Blogs and community forums are like bread and butter to these modern-day socialites, and wireless devices are a central part of their work and personal lives.

Total amount of population: 8 percent

Ambivalent Networkers

Ambivalent Networkers use mobile devices as much as the Collaborators, but they also find them slightly intrusive. These folks love having handheld devices ready to connect them to friends and deliver them information, both news-related and culture-oriented. They're all about the text messages, too -- but they also resent the idea of always being available and become annoyed by regular ringing and disruptions.

Total amount of population: 7 percent

Media Movers

The Media Mover is less active on wireless devices than the past two groups, but he's still attached to his cell phone in a serious way. This guy (or gal) loves the social aspect of mobile tech and is likely to wirelessly pass along photos and videos during the day. Unlike the Ambivalent Networker, the Media Mover doesn't resent the nonstop presence of high-tech tools in his life.

Total amount of population: 7 percent

Roving Nodes

The Roving Node relies on her mobile device for meaningful connections. Less likely to deal with digital media or the art of blogging, the Roving Node likes using technology to keep up with e-mails and maybe get into the occasional chat. To her, a cell phone is a tool for managing a busy life, and interrupting rings are welcomed diversions.

Total amount of population: 9 percent

Mobile Newbies

The Mobile Newbie, as the name suggests, is new to the wireless information world. He likes his cell phone but doesn't do many intensive Internet-related tasks on it. Text messaging or cell-taken photos are a rare and novel occurrence. In general, the phone has become an important part of the Newbie's life, though the Internet still really hasn't.

Total amount of population: 8 percent

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