Digital Astrology: What Type of Tech User Are You?

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Desktop Veterans

The Desktop Veteran is all about the information, but he's less likely to make mobile computing a part of his life. This person uses the Internet from a tied-down system to keep up with news and send e-mail, maybe even blog or take part in comment forum discussions. The D.V. probably has a cell phone, but uses it mainly just for calls. Text messages aren't a regular part of the vocabulary, and most Desktop Veterans would rather pick up a landline to make a call if they had the choice.

Total amount of population: 13 percent

Drifting Surfers

Considered a "light user" of mobile technology, the Drifting Surfer doesn't spend much time on the Net and doesn't care much about mobile connections. He's had Internet access for a while, but he uses it rarely -- even at home. On the go, the cell phone is seen as a use-when-needed voice communications device. A typical Surfer would just as soon give up his cell phone as keep it.

Total amount of population: 14 percent

Information Encumbered

The Information Encumbered adult is overwhelmed by modern technology and unable to pull off even basic troubleshooting. Wireless devices and even the Internet in general are more of a burden than a blessing for these people. They might see the technology as a nice added option for keeping in touch, but its value ends there: The Information Encumbered don't see modern tech as having any significant effect on their lives.

Total amount of population: 10 percent

The Tech Indifferent

Sliding even lower on the scale of tech love, the Tech Indifferent are described as completely "unenthusiastic" about the Internet and cell phones. They might have the stuff, but they rarely use it -- and when they do, they need plenty of help. The Tech Indifferent aren't interested in adopting mobile devices and probably won't be anytime in the future, either.

Total amount of population: 10 percent

Off the Network

The final grouping, the Off the Network Crowd, is completely disconnected when it comes to modern technology. They don't have cell phones or Internet access and don't care. They might have had one or the other in the past, but when either something stopped working or the bills started to seem too unreasonable, they let it go without ever looking back.

Total amount of population: 14 percent

So...What Are You?

I'm proud to say I'm a certified Digital Collaborator. (And yes, I've already ordered new business cards with that designation.) To be fair, the majority of PC World readers are likely to hit that category or the one below it, but we're obviously a skewed (though quite charming) sample of the population.

Think you know which kind of user you are? Good -- now, find out for sure. Click here to take the Pew Center's interactive quiz (it only takes a minute or two to complete), and let us know where you rank. If you can't figure out how to make the cotton-pickin' page work -- well, I think we know which category is yours.

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