Resistance: Retribution Review

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Resistance: Retribution: The Bus Ride Review
One man. One game. One morning commute.

A side-story to the Playstation 3 series, Resistance, has come to the PSP. Now, I'm a little scared when I hear that someone's attempting to bring an action-shooting game to a handheld. Here's why: After playing these shooters on PCs and Consoles for years, few games figure out how to make precise controls work while you're on-the-go. Sony actually pulled it off.

The assisted aiming in Resistance: Retribution hits that happy middle ground between helping you hit a target without babying you. You still have to point your gun the right direction (doy). However, you need to get within an aiming viewcone. Need to zoom in for a more precise shot? You can toggle in a little closer for an over-the-shoulder view.

It's a parallel story that runs alongside the other games to give you a deeper look at the world. Instead of playing in the first-person perspective, the camera sits over your shoulder as you blast your way through a war-torn, monster-filled Europe. Oh, and if you spot any other mobile players rocking a PSP and this game, you can try out some of the cool multiplayer matches built into the game as well. (You can play others locally or over a Wi-Fi connection).

Now, while I do give props for Resistance: Retribution being a fun experience on the bus, this deserves a nod for what it's attempting on the home front as well. If you have a PS3 at home -- and a copy of Resistance 2 -- you can sync up with your PSP and give your character extra powers and unlock different parts of the game. The only downside there being once you end the PSP game, you lose your superpowers until you sync up again.

If you own a PSP, you really have no excuse. Check this out.

($40, Sony PSP)

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