Instantly Back Up Desktop Files and Folders to Your Webmail Account

I'm a big fan of making backups of important files by e-mailing them to yourself. For example, suppose you just finished a lengthy school paper or business presentation. By e-mailing a copy to a Web-based e-mail account, you immediately have a backup that lives "in the cloud."

Backup to Email makes this a snap for Gmail users. (It also works with other Webmail services, provided you can provide the necessary SMTP server info.) All you do is right-click any file (or folder--the program will automatically Zip them for you) and choose Backup to Email.

Presto! The program instantly sends your file(s) to your Webmail account. Obviously you can do likewise with your everyday e-mail client, but that requires considerably more clicking. This is a two-click timesaver, one that I hope will encourage you to make on-the-fly backups of critical files.

After all, you never know when disaster may strike your PC. (I know, ominous, right?)

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