MouseWrangler Adds Macros to Your Mouse Movements

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MouseWrangler ropes your mouse into taking on some of the work normally done by your keyboard. With this small, free utility, you can do things like opening a particular program or entering keystrokes (like Ctrl-C) by holding the right mouse button and moving your mouse.

You might already be familiar with using mouse gestures from the Opera Web browser or the FireGestures add-on for Firefox. MouseWrangler works much the same way. In the program's configuration, you can set it to (for example) start Internet Explorer when you hold the right mouse button and move the mouse left, then right. Or you can have it act as if you'd typed Ctrl-C when you move the mouse up, then down.

You can set gestures that work with any program (or from the desktop), and you can also create a gesture that will only run for a specific program. To do that, you first need to open the program in question. Then open MouseWrangler's config window and select the configuration file (it will be named something like Gestures_firefox.exe.ini) in the drop-down menu, and create a new gesture.

Gestures you create for a particular program will supersede general gestures, such that you could have the left-right gesture open Firefox, and then send the Ctrl-T command (which opens a new tab) if you do it within Firefox itself. The tool displays a small arrow when it's monitoring your gesture to help guide you, and also adds a small 'scratchpad' where you can test that it's interpreting your gestures the way you want it to. Using mouse gestures can make using Windows a good deal faster, and MouseWrangler is a nice free way to use them for all your programs.

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