ContactCopy Converts Lists to E-mail Contacts

If you're the kind of person who maintains a very large contact list--and regularly add to it--you might find this simple program useful. ContactCopy ($40, 14-day free trial) grabs contact information about a person from a document, e-mail, or Web page, then automatically creates a record from that contact in Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Palm Desktop, Outlook Express, or Excel.

It's exceptionally simple to use. Copy the text you want to turn into a contact into the Windows Clipboard, click on the floating ContactCopy toolbar, and ContactCopy appears, asking where you'd like to create the contact. Make your selection, and the program does the rest. You can also view the location of the contact on Google Maps as well.

The program worked fine with Excel, but I had a problem with it when using Outlook. When Outlook was closed, ContactCopy was able to launch Outlook and create the contact in it. However, when Outlook was open, the program wouldn't create the contact.

At $40, ContactCopy isn't cheap. Considering that it does only a simple task, it may not be worth your while--particularly if you have a problem using it with Outlook, as I did.

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