The Palm Pre Will Be an iPhone Killer

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Integrated Contacts

The Palm Pre's address book not only stores names, numbers and addresses, but aggregates information from a variety of other sources, including Facebook, Gmail and instant messaging. The Pre integrates information from these sources into a single address book entry, making it easy to quickly view up-to-date information. As an example, you can communicate with a contact via Facebook, SMS or instant messenger all via a single contacts screen, negating the need to go through multiple applications on the phone.


Apple's iPhone 3G lacks copy and paste, MMS, video recording and stereo Bluetooth — features available in most other mobile phones. Even though most of these features are soon going to be available on the iPhone thanks to the forthcoming 3.0 firmware update, they've been absent since the original iPhone's release back in 2007. Like the iPhone, the Palm Pre lacks video recording and removable storage (instead coming with 8GB of built-in flash memory), but includes a 3-megapixel camera with LED flash, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi.


Apple is the clear leader in this department, and the design of their products is usually so good that most users are willing to overcome the lack of often basic features in order to compromise. From the images we've seen so far, the Palm Pre certainly looks like a stylish device. Its smaller than the iPhone, its body is elegantly curved, and the gloss black finish looks sophisticated without compromising its ability to appeal to multiple audiences, including business users.

Removable Battery

You have to take your iPhone to an Apple service centre when you want to replace your battery. Although the life-span of mobile phones isn't usually longer than a couple of years, it's still annoying. Palm has fitted the Pre with a removable battery, so when its time for replacing, it’s a simple matter of out with the old and in with the new.

Overall, despite not having seen the Palm Pre yet, there are plenty of reasons to get excited. Let's just hope that we see it sooner rather than later!

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