Nintendo DSi UK Sales "Eclipse" Original DS

Forget Dr. Pepper, wouldn't you like to be Nintendo too? According to figures provided by GfK-ChartTrack, Nintendo's new DSi handheld passed 92,000 units in just two days of sales in the UK. That ranks the DSi number four under the "fastest-selling-UK-console-ever" column. Says UK biz-site MCV, the DSi's sales performance even roared past the debut sales figures of the original DS.

Pretty impressive for a relatively nominal update to the existing DS, with an only 8% larger screen, 12% thinner form factor, dual 0.3 megapixel cameras, and a few notable downgrades (battery size from 1000mAh to 840mAh, battery life from 15-19 to 9-14 hours, and the demise of a backward GameBoy compatibility slot).

In Japan, DS sales recently tipped past 26 million, of which 2 million are DSi's, per the new model's debut in the Land of the Rising Sun last November 1st. Recently Nintendo announced the DS had sold over 100,000 million units worldwide.

I'm still waiting to wrap my thumbs around one, but in the meantime, check out our preliminary review and our gadget history of the GameBoy.

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